Dragonsdale 2

Moonflight on the book cover

NAME OF DRAGON: Moonflight

BREED: Darkeye

Physical appearanceEdit

Name of Dragon: Moonflight

Color: Turqoisy bule with purple eye ridges

Gender: Female

Notes: Yellowish underbelly and underneck, black spot around eye, and purple eye ridges and silvery tinge to scales

Darkeye DragonEdit

The Darkeye dragon makes a great companion, putting rider's saftey before their own safety.

They love to eat meat, and are humurous at times.

History & FamilyEdit

Name of Dragon: Moonflight

Owner: Breena

Date of hatching: Unknown

Island of Hatching: Seahaven

Stable: Dragonsdale

Gender: Female

Sire (Father): Unknown

Dame (Mother): Unknown

Grand sire (Grandfather): Unknown

Grand dame (Grandmother): Unknown

Additional Notes: Unknown

Examining Dragonleech: Alberich


Moonflight-Beautiful turqoise dragon with purple eye-ridges and a silver tinge to her scales. Has a humurous personality.