Skydancer's Dragon LogEdit

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BREED: Goldenbrow

Physical appearanceEdit

Name of Dragon: Skydancer

Color: Dark leaf-green, light sea gray, golden shimmer

Gender: Male

Notes: On head: golden star-shaped blaze. On right wing tip: a small triangular golden patch of scales. Below left wing tip: two white spots. Right shoulder: white patch of scales.

GoldenBrow DragonEdit

The Goldenbrow is the rarest of all dragon types. It is the closest genetically to it's wid ancestors; thus, while strong, durable, and resistant to many common diseases, it is the hardest type which to establiosh a human Trustbond.

Training a Goldenbrow tends to be a long and difficult process, as they are typically obsinate and self-willed. However, a Goldenbrow that accepts a rider will provide a loyal and brave companion.

The Goldenbrow combines many of the best features of other breeds. They are excellent fliers, fast yet maneuverable. They are also hardy, adaptable and highly intelligent.

History & FamilyEdit

Name of Dragon: Skydancer

Owner: Huw of DragonsDale

Date of hatching: Midwinter of the year 955 of the Trustbond

Island of Hatching: Seahaven

Stable: Dragonsdale

Gender: Male

Sire (Father): Unknown

Dame (Mother): Unknown wild dragon

Grand sire (Grandfather): Unknown

Grand dame (Grandmother): Unknown

Additional Notes: Found as Hatchling. Mother found dead. Father unknown.

Examining Dragonleech: Alberich

Training Log: SkydancerEdit

Skill: Flying with reins Date examined: 4th Frostide, 957

Remarks: A waste of time! The dragon refused a head harness and ate the reins!

Instructor: Hildebrand

Skill: Flying to a lure Date examined: 27th Harvestide, 957

Remarks: Fat chance! Ignored the lure and chased his handler into the Dragonsmere. A complete fiasco.

Instuctor: Hildebrand

Skill: Being saddled Date examined: 4th Lambingtide, 958

Remarks: Set fire to saddle and went and perched on roof of house until Cara was able to persuade the dragon down. This is beyond a joke!

Instructor: Hildebrand

Skill: Being saddled (again!) Date examined: 16th Midsummer, 958

Remarks: Took to air while stable hand was trying to fasten saddle belt! Dragon extremely agitated (though not as agitated as stable hand). Dragon later taken to Alberich with set fast. It is to my belief he is shamming.

Instructor: Hildebrand

Skill: Flying a small show course Date examined: No Point

Remarks: If this dragon ever succeeds in flying a show course, I'll eat my riding boots! I wash my hands of this beast!

Instructor: Hildebrand

Skill: Clear round in the Island Championships! Date examined: Now!

Remarks: Extroidinary transformation. Cara has her mother's gift. A true Trustbond! Where will they go next?


Skydancer-Beautiful multicolored goldenbrow with star shaped patch of golden scales on forehead. Kind, Loyal, Playful personality.